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Every application has a set of users. Some may be your clients, others developers, others administrators etc. NoCode-X allows you to customize the permissions of every single user individually.

Create account

Follow these steps to create your account on NoCode-X:

  1. Go to the NoCode-X web app and click register. The page in the image below appears.
  2. Fill in your personal details. Make sure to use a strong password. You can also register through Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Google.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email. Click the link to verify your account.
  4. You can now join or create a company and get started!
NoCode-X register page.


Your clients, people who use your applications, can register through the default NoCode-X register form or through a custom one.

You can create your own register and login templates for them to use. After registering these users using the Create user function, they will appear in the list of users. A detailed explanation on how to create custom register and login templates can be found in the Secure medical platform no code tutorial series.

Assign rights and groups to users

Follow these steps to assign rights and groups to a user:

  1. Open the User management tab in the menu on the left.
  2. Click the Users button.
  3. Press the three vertical dots in the actions column. This is indicated by a red arrow in the first image below. Then click Manage permissions.
  4. Users could require a different set of permissions for each application. Select the application you want to assign the rights and groups in.
  5. Check all rights and groups you want this user to have. This is shown in the second image below.
The list of users with the actions dots indicated by a red arrow.
Manage permissions window for users.

In NoCode-X, we differentiate between custom rights and backoffice rights. Custom rights can be fully customized in the rights tab. Backoffice rights have a predefined purpose. All backoffice rights and their descriptions are listed below:

Application backoffice rightsDescription
Read actionsView and use actions.
Read api’sView APIs.
Create/Edit dashboardsCreate and edit dashboards.
Create/Edit actionsCreate and edit actions.
Create/Edit dataformatsCreate and edit data-formats.
Read templatesView templates and their content.
Create/Edit api’sCreate and edit APIs.
Read dataView and use data.
Read dashboardsView dashboards.
Create/Edit mediaCreate and edit files in the media library.
Create/Edit templatesCreate and edit templates.
Read dataformatsView and use data-formats.
Create/Edit dataCreate and edit data.
Read mediaView files in the media library, and use them in templates.
Company backoffice rightsDescription
Manage applicationsCreate, view, edit and delete NoCode-X applications belonging to this company.
Manage usersInvite and remove users to/from the company and manage their rights.
Manage billingManage the company’s payment details.
Manage company informationChange the company’s name and other properties. They are listed on the Company page.

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