nocode possibilities are endless

Possibilities are endless.

Our no-code logic editor is a full blown graphical programming language. You can create no-code using thewell-known constructs like if-then-else, switches, loops, etc… Exactly how you would do it within traditional programming languages, only easier & with less errors resulting in a much shorter time to market. Drag & drop your program into place and let our no-code platform guide you into creating error-free logic. The possibilities with our no-code logic editor are truly endless!

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100+ premade no-code building blocks.

Build your logic by combining our premade building blocks. We have blocks for fetching data, creating data, uploading files, calling API’s, … Truly no stone is left unturned and every day new premade building blocks are being created.

Still missing one? No problem! You can do a block creation request, or even create your own (using no-code of course) and share it across your organization or even the entire NoCode-X community. 

Create maintainable nocode

Create maintainable no-code programs.

Creating maintainable no-code is not so different from creating maintainable code. We have adopted features that are being used in current traditional programming languages. Abstraction, inheritance, composition, etc… are all features that we support within our no-code programming language. They help you create a maintainable no-code application with tremendous speed and without knowledge of programming languages. The no-code applications built with NoCode-X truly surpasses prototyping, they are production ready & ready to scale!

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Our no-code language knows several types of data. At each point while creating no-code the editor checks if the correct type of data is being used. This prevents no-code developers from creating bugs, and thrives towards maintainable no-code applications. Our no-code logic editor scans your existing nocode templates, nocode dataformats & other nocode actions and uses this information to force you to create error-free logic.  

typesafety in nocode language
Nocode documentation

Built-in documentation.

Documentation is key when you want to create an application for the long run. Not only for your colleagues and customers but also for yourself. Think about it! Will you remember every little detail about a no-code application you’ve written six months ago? Chances are you’ve forgotten or mixed some up. Our system allows for documenting your no-code within the editor, helping you, your colleagues and your customers to understanding your no-code application. 

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