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Templates in NoCode-X are blueprints that can be used to build several types:

Web application pagesCreate pages for your web application
Mobile application pagesCreate pages for your mobile web application
Reusable componentsCreate reusable components that you can easily use on your other templates
PDF (In development)Create a template which you can use to generate PDF’s.
Emails (In development)Create a template which you can use to generate Emails

Templates use several concepts for you to work with:

InheritanceMake one template inherit from another to easily maintain parts of your application that should return on each page. (For example: Navigation, Header, etc…)
Layers (In development)Split up parts of your template in different layers, and hide/show them in different situations.
ComponentsAdd components to your templates simply by dragging & dropping them into place.
Grid based designUse grid based design to design pages that will look great in any resolution. (f.e. https://960.gs/)
EmbeddingEmbed your templates in any application (f.e. existing websites)
Multilanguage supportCreate your templates in multiple languages.
Authorization rules
Template parameters

Create new template

Follow these steps to create a new template:

  1. Navigate to the “Editor” and click on the Templates icon. A searchable list of all templates will appear. Initially, it will be empty.
  2. Click the “Create” button in the top right.
  3. Choose the template type. Based on the type you choose different default settings are being enforced.
  4. Choose a language. Adding languages later is possible through “Multilanguage support”
  5. Click the Create template button. You are automatically redirect to the Template Editor where you can now start building your template.


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