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Templates in NoCode-X are blueprints that are used to generate the pages of your web applications. They provide additional features, such as inheritance and template-in-template. Click the Templates button in the menu on the left, indicated by a red arrow in the image below, to open the templates menu.

Templates tab in the main menu.

Create new template

Follow these steps to create a new template:

  1. After clicking the Templates button, a list of all templates appear. Initially, it will be empty.
  2. Click the plus button in the top right, indicated by a red arrow in the image below.
  3. Choose the template type: web page or mobile page. This will configure the template grid with the correct dimensions.
  4. Choose a language. You can add other languages later.
  5. Click the Create template button. You can now start designing the template. Changes made to templates will be saved automatically.

To return to the list of templates, click the Templates button in the menu on the left again. Here, you can edit and remove templates at any time.

Empty templates list.

The articles below explain every aspect of templates in NoCode-X.


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