No time, no resources? No problem!

Do you have the perfect idea but no time, nor the resources to make your idea become reality? No worries, we’ve got your back. We can create your application for you! We facilitate your product development from beginning to end. This includes: UX, Development, Testing, Release & Maintanance. We deliver the highest of quality and a solid security basis. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

NoCode development process

When it comes to software development it often boils down to delivering value as fast as possible. To reduce the time to market. Only when your software lands into the hands of its users successfully we can speak of value creation. That’s why we build your software in 3 swift stages that can be iterated as much as needed. 

Functional analysis.

We start off by analyzing the features that appear the most urgent. Based on interviews with the stakeholders, we describe them one by one on a higher level. Afterwhich, we evaluate the need of each one carefully together with the stakeholders. We move on by describing the features in a more detailed manner & double check with stakeholders if they match their expectations. 

Design, Build & Validate.

Based on the features described in the “Functional analysis” stage we start designing the application right into NoCode-X using our nocode template-editor. These designs are then validated & if needed adjusted in cooperation with stakeholders and/or users. Once the design has been validated, we can start adding logic to the application using our nocode logic editor. We thoroughly test each feature for bugs & double check with stakeholders if they match their expectations before moving to the next stage. 


We release the new features into the wild together with sufficient documentation for users & stakeholders. We make sure we can learn about the success of the new features and if needed we can use this information to start a new “Functional analysis” stage for new features / improving existing features. 


Of course we offer maintenance on your application to make sure that you or your users are not blocked by any bug that might occur.