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A component in NoCode-X is an item that can be used in templates. A page’s UI, generated with NoCode-X templates, is built using different components. You can drag-and-drop them wherever you like. We provide a large variety of components with different functionalities. Components…

Add components to template

Unopened components tab, indicated by a red arrow.

A component can be added to the template grid as follows:

  1. Open the Components section in the top right (indicated by a red arrow in the image above).
  2. Click the component and drag it into the desired location on the grid.
  3. The component can now be modified by clicking it and then opening the Component section in the menu on the right.

Set default for components

When you want a default value for the component to be selected, go to the template view and select the option. This only applies for components belonging to the Form category.

Select default option for selection box component.

More information about components, including a list of all components and their functionalities, can be found in the articles below.


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