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NoCode-X allows you to create custom data-formats. All data using these formats will then be stored on our servers, so you, your team and your applications can access it from anywhere, at any time.

Create data-format

To create a new data-format, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Data-formats tab in the menu on the left
  2. Click the New button, indicated by a red arrow in the image below.
  3. A window with three tabs appears. Details about each can be found below.
Empty data-formats list with "New" button indicated by a red arrow.

General information tab

The following information must be provided:

NameChoose a descriptive name, that you and the other application developers will recognize.
DescriptionAdd some information about the data format that explains what exactly it is.
IconChoose an icon that helps you recognize the data-format fast.
TagsAdd tags to make the data-format easier to find later on. Use tag names that accurately describe the data-format.

Only the Name field is mandatory.

Format tab

This is where you can set the actual format of the data. NoCode-X uses the JSON-schema vocabulary. More information on this format can be found in the official JSON-schema documentation.


The following image shows an example JSON-schema for a restaurant. A restaurant in this case has three fields: name, description and priceRange. Description is an optional field, while priceRange and name are mandatory, as specified in the required section.

Example JSON-schema for a restaurant

Actions tab

In this tab, you can perform actions when a piece of data represented by the current data-format is interacted with. These are the options:

After creation of dataThe action(s) will be executed when a new data element with this data-format is created.
After update of dataThe action(s) will be executed when the contents of a data element with this data-format are updated.
After removal of dataThe action(s) will be executed when a data element with this data-format is deleted.

Press Save to apply all changes. The data-format will appear in the list. You can now create data using this data-format.

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