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Function call arguments

Most function calls take in one or more arguments. They will then use these arguments to produce the desired output. Since different functions may require different sets of arguments, we refer to the list of all no code functions for function-specific information. The Arguments tab belonging to a certain function call can be found in the Invocation configuration menu after clicking the block. Below you can find an example Arguments tab for a Get answer of number field function call.

Arguments tab for a Get answer of number field function call.

Types of arguments

Argument typeDescription
ScopeVariable from the scope as argument. Can be provided by selecting the scope icon above the input field and entering the variable name.
ComponentComponent on a template. Selected using the component’s code.
LayerLayer on a template.
TemplateTemplate inside an application.
TagTag inside an application
ActionAction inside an application.
Data-formatData-format inside an application.
NumberLiteral number.
StringLiteral string.
PasswordLiteral password.
BooleanLiteral boolean.
Select-oneSelect one from the available options.
Select-multiSelect one or multiple from the available options.
JSONConvert attributes into JSON
XMLConvert attributes into XML

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