NoCode usermanagement

Built in user management system.

NoCode-X includes a built-in user management system. Within this system you can define your own roles based upon rights/groups for a certain application. Each user that uses your application can be linked to certain rights or populated in a certain group. 

Each no-code template or no-code API you build with NoCode-X can require rights or groups for it to be accessible. If a user without the required rights/groups attempts to access a no-code page or no-code API this access is denied. 

Bring your own identity provider.

Does your company have single sign on (SSO) accross all your applications? Chances are you already have a identity provider (IdP) in place. We can offer the same SSO-functionalities by integrating NoCode-X directly with your identity provider. 

NoCode-X can integrate seamlessly with all identity providers through Open ID Connect, OAuth2.0 or SAML. 

nocode encryption

Our platform encrypts your sensitive data automatically.

NoCode-X automatically detects whether your data should be encrypted or not. This decision is completely abstracted away from application developers so that you can focus on building value for your customers instead of worrying about to encrypt or not. 

When NoCode-X detects that encryption is needed based upon the built-in data classification, the platform automatically enables encryption for you based upon data protection policies. Simple as that!

Out of the box audit logs.

Many types of data require an audit log of every single action taken on that data. This is not only a great tool to monitor security but also very often a legal requirement. NoCode-X automatically detects whether your data should have a detailed audit log or not. 

When NoCode-X detects that an audit log is needed, the platform automatically enables auditting for you. Again simple!

nocode audit logs
Nocode basic security measures

All basic security measures supported and activated by default and automatically.

Many small measures are needed to build a secure application. Many of them require quite a lot of technical know-how in order to setup. For example: End-To-End encrypted communication over TLS, CSP headers, Role Based Access Control (RBAC), …

NoCode-X handles this all by default for you. So you can focus on your business value not on the technicalities!

Dependency scanning on our dependencies.

Every dependency (opensource libraries, external vendors) we use in our platform are constantly scanned for known vulnerabilities. You can sleep sound that when a new vulnerability is found we jump on it and fix it ASAP. 

Again one checkbox automatically checked on your checklist towards building secure no-code applications. 

nocode dependency scans