No database needed for nocode

No external database needed!

Performant applications start with a good and solid datalayer. In classic software development creating and maintaining this layer can be complex and time-consuming. But have no fear we’ve got you covered! With our no-code platform there is no need for a time-consuming database setup and maintenance. All data can be created and persisted within NoCode-X. We take care of uptime, backups, encryption, etc… so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on creating your no-code applications!

Define the format of your data.

Simply define a data format of your data within our no-code system. You can add fields with certain types, required fields, relationships, etc… Every piece of data that is created is validated against your data formats to ensure 100% data validity. This way you don’t have to worry about your data and can concentrate 100% on the task at hand: creating your no-code application. 

Keep your nocode data in sync at all times

Keep data in sync at all times.

Within NoCode-X we believe data should be stored in a various of representations. Depending on the use of the data you either want to use one representation or another. Storing data in various representations does magic for your applications’ performance. That’s why we provide the tools to keep al of your representations in sync at all times! All you have to do is create no-code logic that transforms one representation into another and done!

Seamless integration with no-code.

All your data can be seamlessly used & adapted within our system. The no-code editor, API editor & template editor all exactly know the format of your data and use this to help you create your no-code application in a fast, consistent and errorless way. 

Seamless integration with nocode

Versions & environments.

All data within your application is correctly linked to your no-code environment out of the box. Development data will remain within your development environment, while your test data remains within your test environment. The platform handles this completely for you so you can focus on building that app!