Nocode media library

All your media in one handy library.

Store all your media files in one single library and use them across your applications. No need to worry about storage, backups, auditing, metadata, tagging, etc… We implemented all of this for you so you can focus on building functionality for your nocode application. To top it all off, we implemented a handy overview for you to browse all uploaded media files within your application. 

Integrated with no-code.

Using and expanding your media library is extremely easy because your media library is seamlessly integrated with our nocode logic editor. We have nocode building blocks that help you fetch, create, delete or edit media files. You can write your own nocode logic to maintain the files within your library or use them within your no-code application. 

Integrated with no-code template editor.

Visualizing your media becomes a breeze with our nocode template editor integration. Example: drop an image component on your screen and just select a media file right from your media library. Having your users upload media is equally easy: drop the upload component into place and provide nocode logic to upload the files exactly how you want inside your media library. We’ve got you covered for: using media, editing media, uploading media, etc…

Media across environments.

Media can be shared across the different environments of your application or can be environment specific if they are user created. No need to worry about anything, we’ve got you covered in every aspect!

Media across environments