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Tasks within NoCode-X help you create & maintain no code applications. NoCode-X is a smart system that notices whenever developers forget necessary steps or whenever a certain situation occurs that requires a change in the built application. Every time NoCode-X notices this a task will be created for developers to pick up.

Types of tasks

BugThis is an error within your application and should be solved as quickly as possible.
MajorThis is a major problem within your application and certainly requires attention at the right moment.
MinorThis is a minor problem within your application and requires attention whenever there is time.
SmallThis is a small problem within your application and can be fixed whenever there is time.

Types of statusses

OpenThis task is open & needs attention of developers
ProgressThis task is in the progress of being fixed.
ClosedThis task has been fixed.
Won’t fixThis task won’t be fixed because it is deemed unnecessary

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