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Key Concepts

Start learning about NoCode-X here. Go through all detailed description of the keyconcepts or watch the video to get started in minutes.

CompanyA company within NoCode-X can have several applications that are created by one or more developers.
ApplicationOne or more developers belonging to the same company can work on an application, each with different permissions. They can either be webapplications, mobile applications, pure APIs or automated jobs and are fully customizable without the need to write code.
DeveloperA developer is a user that is allowed to create/change an application.
UserA user is a user of any application built using NoCode-X
EditorThe part of NoCode-X that allows you to make any changes to your application.
TasksWhenever NoCode-X notices work to be done, it informs the developers through tasks. This can be for example: Removing unexecutable nocode, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data, etc…


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