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NoCode-X allows you to build applications. They can serve as web applications and APIs, and are fully customizable. We have made the process of building applications very intuitive and easy, without any required programming knowledge.

Parts of an application

Each application is made up of the following parts:

Each of these are visible in the main menu on the left. This is shown in the image below.

The main menu on the left.

Switching to a different application

Switching to a different application within your company is described in the navigation article.

First application

After joining a company in NoCode-X, you can start building applications. The window below appears:

Screen asking you to create a new application. Visible when there are no previous applications.

Press the Create a brand new application button. A window similar to the one in the image below appears. Then provide the following attributes:

NameChoose a name for your application. It will be visible in the navigation bar at the top of the NoCode-X platform and in the list of all applications (Mandatory).
DescriptionProvide a description of the application (Optional).
IconChoose an icon from the interactive icon picker. It will be displayed next to the application name. (Optional)
EndpointProvide an endpoint (Mandatory). This will be the domain name of the web application. For example, the endpoint recipes creates the URL https://recipes-mycompany.no-code-x.com with mycompany replaced by your company name.

Press Save to apply all changes.

You can now begin creating API’s and Templates.

Add additional applications

Click the arrow next to the current application’s name in the top right corner of the screen:

Shows the arrow to click to access the applications list window.

Then click the Add application button as shown below:

Shows the add application button in the applications list window.
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