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A person or machine using an application built with NoCode-X, often referred to as an end-user, interacts with and utilizes the application for its intended purpose. Users can have certain rights and/or belong to groups. Users & their rights are managed in “user management“. Users are linked to a company which actually mean that users can have a single-sign-on experience for all applications built for a company within NoCode-X.
Every application comes with 4 environments. Because the best-practice is to keep these environments seperated from each other users exists in one of the four environments. Testing users during development will reside in the development environment while your real users will reside in the production environment.

Creating users

Users can be created by using the “Create user” function. You are able to use this function to build for example a registration form or a user creation form that you can use in a backoffice application. Users have the following data linked to them by default:

firstNameThe firstname of the user.
lastNameThe lastname of the user.
emailThe email address of the user which is used as the username to authenticate. This email address should be validated by clicking a link generated by the “Create email verification link” function.
passwordThe password this user will use to authenticate. By default this password should be at minimum 8 characters long & contain at least 1 number and at least 1 uppercase character.

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