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NoCode-X allows you to build applications extremely fast. They can either be webapplications, mobile applications, pure APIs or automated jobs and are fully customizable without the need to write code. Within NoCode-X an application belongs to a company and contains the following concepts:

Application settingsAll settings that apply on a single application. Example: Application name, domain, error pages, …
EditorThe editor used to change anything to your application.
LogsError/Debug logs written out by your application.
User managementMakes managing roles, groups and users for your applications possible.
PluginsAny plugin installed in your application either through the private hub or the public hub will show up here.

Creating / Editing / Building applications

By accessing the “application selector” you can do several things:

  • Create a new application (By clicking “Add application”
  • Change an existing application (By clicking the “pencil” next to the application name you would like to change).
  • Selecting an application to build (By clicking the application name).

Within the application selector, only the 5 most recently used applications are shown. If you need to access other applications, please use the “All applications” link.

An Application has several attributes divided in categories:

General information

NameChoose a name for your application. Choose this wisely, it must be unique and recognizable within your company.
DescriptionA short description of your application. This is used to easily recognize what this application does by you and your co-workers.
IconAn icon that you can use to easily recognize this application among others within NoCode-X. For example: This icon will be displayed in the application selector.
EndpointThis will be the domain name of the web application. For example, the endpoint recipes creates the URL https://recipes-mycompany.no-code-x.com with mycompany replaced by your company name.
Custom domainA custom domain can be setup for your application. For more information on how to use a custom domain within NoCode-X please read the “Custom domain” section.

Meta data

Meta titleA meta-title is a text that summarizes a web page’s topic and purpose, essential for SEO and user engagement.
Meta descriptionA meta description, a brief summary, offers a concise overview of a web page’s content, crucial for SEO and attracting user clicks.
Home pagePage within your application that will be used as “Home”. This means that whenever a user requests your application’s root URL, for example: https://recipes-mycompany.no-code-x.com. A redirect to this page will take place.
FaviconA favicon is a tiny, recognizable icon associated with a website, displayed in browser tabs and bookmarks, enhancing brand identity and site recognition.

Error settings

Error pageSpecify a template that acts as an error page. An error page appears when the application encounters unrecoverable issues. Mostly due to errors within nocode logic.
Not found pageSpecify a template that acts as a “not found” page. The application displays a “Not found” page when it fails to locate the intended template for display.
Unauthorized pageSpecify a template that acts as a “Unauthorized” page. The application displays a “Unauthorized” page when the user accessing the page is either not authenticated or does not have sufficient rights to view the intended template.

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