The problem

The european digital innovation hub, Digitalis is a one-stop-shop for all organizations that aim for digital excellence. Digitalis supports the digital transformation journey of manufacturing companies through several services ranging from offering technical expertise to financing advice, training & skills development. 

Thanks to the support of the European commission, Digitalis can offer services to manufacturing companies at reduced rates. These organizations are required to fill in a Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) which provides Digitalis with more insights on the current maturity of an organization and helps in tracking progress over time. 

The problem here is two-fold: 

  • The DMA is not final: By testing this assessment with several pilot organizations & gathering feedback from them the need for changes within the assessment might become clear. Some questions might require some rephrasing, some questions might have to be added or even deleted. Fact is: we don’t know yet & we need sufficient freedom to change the survey according to future needs. 
  • The results of an assessment have to be analysed by Digtalis on one hand & analysed by the European commision on the other hand. This means the results should be pushed to multiple datastores. We need some kind of glue to couple systems together. 

NoCode-X to the rescue!

Using NoCode-X we can do several things to help Digitalis with their challenges:

  • We can create surveys that can be changed by people without any technical knowledge. The no code template editor can be used to drag & drop survey components in place & change them accordingly. 
  • NoCode-X can be the glue between several systems through its deep integration possibilities. We can easily integrate with any API provided by the European commission or by any data warehouse needed to achieve our goals.
  • NoCode-X was created with application security in mind. It has several features in place that help to protect the data of the customers of Digitalis. 
"Working with the NoCode-X platform to develop the applications was a smooth and worriless process, so our analysts could continue to focus on the business rather than to have to continuously think about the programming limitations or capabilities. Adopting the applications after the initial launch only took a couple of basic interventions. Integrations with secure back-end systems are solid, secured and continuously monitored, in order for us to ensure data from our users will be protected. Already our next applications are being conceived on the basis of the NoCode-X platform."
Ulrich Seldeslachts
CEO LSEC (Digitalis Partner)

Reusable components

Start building your Application Website Automatic process

By adding survey specific nocode reusable components such as for example a “likert question” we turned NoCode-X into a survey engine that can be used to put together any survey in a matter of minutes. 

Digitalis nocode reusabled components

Integration with BigQuery

In order to correlate the data gathered from surveys with several other datasources in the future we decided to store it in Google cloud BigQuery. Of course NoCode-X can easily integrate with BigQuery by using their awesome REST API! To make this integration even easier we have added a BigQuery plugin to our nocode Hub which citizen developers can use without the hassle of understanding BigQuery’s API. 

Now it was only a matter of dragging & dropping the building blocks into place:

BigQuery Nocode integration

Some nice visualizations!

By leveraging our new BigQuery integration & NoCode-X s’ datavisualization possibilities. We were able to build a dashboard that can be used by Digitalis’ customers to track their progress.

nocode dahboard

Thanks to NoCode-X this dashboard was built in a matter of hours and
most importantly only exposes data to users with the correct authorization.

Start building your Application Website Automatic process

Sensitive data everywhere!

Gathering data from organizations about their digital maturity includes gathering insights in their cyber security, digital business strategy, human digital strategy, etc… This kind of data has to be considered as sensitive and requires sufficient security measures when dealing with it. Luckily NoCode-X has several security measures in place to protect this kind of data from being compromised. One feature we’ve used extensively during this build was the “automatic encryption” feature.
Encryption sounds hard but in NoCode-X it comes down to
flagging data as being “sensitive” and NoCode-X makes sure this data is encrypted at REST.

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