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Data makes the world go round

“Data is the new gold”… We’ve all heard this quote & we all know that it holds some truth to it. Organizations today consider data as on of their most important assets. Data and the insights that it can bring promises great opportunities for organizations. Identifying new markets, optimizing business processes, discovering customer satisfaction are only a few examples of what data can help us with. Sounds great right? Just start gathering data and boom: succesful business. Well… not quite.

Data is only useful to organizations if it is easily accessible, possible to combine with other data, understandable, stored securily, etc… 

Tip 1: Data strategy

Start with defining a clear data strategy that envisions how your organization handles data in the future & has clear actions that helps realize this vision.  Make sure your strategy is clearly communicated & enjoys support throughout the organization. 

The applications used within your organization can break or make your data-strategy. The way they are built and how they process, access, store data has to be in line with your strategy in order for your organization to successfully reach its data-goals. 

Tip 2: Classify your data!

Classifying data based on type, sensitivity or value helps everyone in your organization understand the value of your data & implement the necessary controls to protect it. The downside is that many of these controls are very technical in nature and require an expert amount of knowledge & quite some time to implement

In other words: Implementing security measures for your data is costly

NoCode-X takes automatic measures based on data classifications

Within NoCode-X you have the ability to classify each piece of data your application reasons with. This classification results in the platform taking decisions with regards to security & compliance. 

Sensitive data is automatically encrypted at the application level using industry best practices. Which actually means that if malicious parties gain access to your database they do not have access to your raw data. They only gain access to an unreadable version of your data that can only be unencrypted using a key stored in an entirely different datastore.

Tip 3: Format your data to your needs

Performance within applications starts with your data. The concept is simple: An application that can use data in the exact format that it has when retrieved from a datastore, is inherently more performant than an application that still has to transform data after retrieving it. 

Of course this statement is more easily said than done. Storing data in different formats requires a well thought out strategy for keeping data in sync & managing updates. A common approach to this is keeping a single source of truth for a certain type of data with several derivatives. Key to this approach is that the derivatives only change when the single source of truth changes & not the other way around. 

NoCode-X helps you keep your data in sync

Within NoCode-X you can define your own data formats in seconds. This allows you to easily create different representations of the same set of data. On top of this, every data format can define no-code actions that are triggered upon create, update, delete of a piece of data with that exact format. Allowing no-code developers to easily keep different data-representations in sync within & across nocode applications. 

Tip 4: Expose data through API's

Exposing data using APIs can offer several benefits. First, it enables organizations to share data securely and in a controlled manner. APIs provide a standardized way of sharing data that makes it easy for authorized users to access the information they need, while keeping it secure and protected from unauthorized access. This can help organizations to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and minimize the risk of data breaches.

Second, exposing data through APIs can increase the efficiency of business processes. By providing access to data in real-time, APIs can help streamline workflows, reduce manual data entry, and automate repetitive tasks. This can lead to significant time and cost savings for businesses.

NoCode-X helps you expose your data securily

Creating APIs within NoCode-X is really a breeze. Within minutes you can have an API up and running that exposes data in a secure manner. On top of that based on your data-classifications our platform informs you of any data being exposed without sufficient authorization rules. When working with NoCode-X you can really be sure your data is in safe hands!

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