Security is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge.


These days every single organization is digitizing and automating their processes. A huge number of applications are created every day. Most of the times aiming at a more efficient way of working than before. That’s fantastic! But…sadly… there is a downside. With every automation being built the attack vector of organizations grows larger & larger. These days hackers come in great numbers ar organized and have access to a lot of knowledge & high tech tools. Needless to say security is a big issue for ALL organizations and will be even more in the coming years. 

How to defend your organization

It all boils down to “basic hygiene” and keeping it hygienic. This is off course much easier said than done. A secure infrastructure ran and maintained by people with sufficient knowledge and awareness is hard enough but it doesn’t end there! You need secure applications created by people that are knowledgeable and aware of security risks. You will need to keep these applications secure by constantly evaluating internal changes as well as changes to third party software used (applications, libraries, etc…). Not only developers & system engineers will need to reason about data privacy & security but also product owners, project managers, analysts, …. and even … users. It is as much as a technological challenge as it is a cultural challenge.  

Help is on the way!

What if you had an application platform that delivers security out of the box and built-straight into your applications. An application platform that offers security automation where possible and reminders/tasks to drive awareness and culture. No extra software required, all straight built into your application platform.

  • An out of the box secure application using “HTTPS” with auto-configured parameters like for example your certificate management. Just like you would expect from a modern company. 
  • Compliant based upon NIST-800 Cyber Security Framework parameters which are validated in a continuous manner.
  • All code written is continously assessed by secure developer mechanisms. 
  • All nocode “written” is continuously scanned for vulnerabilities resulting in automatic fixes and/or tasks to make sure that your application is secure and does not contain vulnerabilities.
  • An integrated DTAP pipeline, where development, testing, user acceptance and production environments are off the shelve available and hardened accordingly.
  • Out of the box security principles such as Content Security Policy (CSP) without any action needed. 
  • Integrated hardened mailing service allowing you to send e-mails in a secure manner. 
  • No burden of setting up or maintaining the environment, infrastructure, code or third party code. 
  • No fat clients to install, no servers to deploy, no infrastructure to buy.
NoCode-X is providing all these things and much much more. Keep an eye on our roadmap updates for more information!

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