Our action editor is a full blown graphical programming language. Use constructs like if-then-else, switches, loops, etc… just like any other programming language. All you need to do is drag & drop your logic into place, not a single line of code is necessary. The possibilities are truly endless, yet using the editor is really simple


Nocode action editor

Over 100 premade building blocks

We have over 100 premade building blocks for you to use in your applications. Every day new blocks are added and applications get easier and easier to build. Not enough for you? No problem! Create your own premade building blocks and share them within your organization or within the entire NoCode-X community. Keep an eye on our feature updates because in later versions monitization of your own building blocks will be available!

Abstract / Reuse as you please

Abstraction is one of the key concepts of modern programming languages. It helps in keeping clean, readable and maintainable code. Why should it be any different in the nocode world? It shouldn’t! At least if we want to go further than prototyping. Within NoCode-X you can keep your nocode logic clean, readable and maintainable by not repeating yourself and abstracting away complex logic. Reuse logic built by you or any other developer, in and outside of your organisation. Just drag and drop the abstracted logic into place, its as easy as that!


Our platform prevents human error in many different ways. On of those ways is by using an extreme approach to typesafety. By typesafety we mean that we prevent errors by making sure all nocode is executed with the datatypes it expects. For example: Sending a mail with a nocode program requires an email address as input. If you were to provide a number as input for that program, it would fail. So we make sure you can only provide the correct datatype. We defined a whole range of types of data. From email addresses to plain text, our platform makes sure you can only provide and use the correct data type in the correct place.

Document your nocode

Good documentation is key in keeping your nocode readable and understandable. Not only for other nocoders but also for yourself. Will you remember every single detail about your nocode application 6 months of now? Probably not. That is the reason why, within NoCode-X you can document every single step in your nocode application. So that you can always understand why your nocode works the way it does. Use appropriate names & descriptions for clarity and use informative icons for overview. 

Document every step of your nocode application

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